Hydraulic Fluid Additive E-1531

Hydraulic Fluid Additive E-1531

Product Description

hydraulic_fluid_additiveRUST-X VCI Hydraulic Oil Additive E 1531 is a corrosion inhibiting additive, which can be added to hydraulic, lubricating oils and transmission fluids to impart contact corrosion inhibition as well as vapor corrosion inhibition properties to the engine oils.

Hydraulic Oils when in operation form fatty acid products upon degradation. These can be treated with the introduction of E1531 additive which works by neutralizing the formed acids and increasing the alkalinity reserve of the hydraulic fluids


The hydraulic oil additive E 153 can be added at a concentration of 7.5% in used oils or 5% in fresh oil. The additive can be added to both mineral and synthetic based oils. Upon addition to the oil, it is recommended to run the equipment for 15 minutes for complete miscibility of the additive and formation of an internal coat on the parts.

The additive finds excellent use when the equipment has to be preserved or laid up as this would prevent jamming and corrosion of the internals of equipment when not in use and will provide smooth operation on startup.

The additive in pure form can also be applied on the hydraulic piston rod to prevent it from corrosion when not in use along with VCI stretch film wrapped over the equipment.

  • Multi-metal corrosion protection for Fe, Cu, Pb, Tin, Ag, Brass, Aluminum, Mg, Bronze, Solder
  • Enhances corrosion inhibition properties of oils
  • Improves life & lubricity of oils.
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to use
  • Readily Miscible in Oils
  • Excellent for Equipment Layup
  • Improves demulsification