VCI Foams 798

VCI Foams 798

Product Description

foam-minVCI Foams are heavily imprengated VCI emitting devices used for the preservation of Electrical systems as well as electrical equipment like motors, drives, computers, screens, servers, etc where these can be placed along with the parts and keep the equipment protected by the release of VCI Vapors.

VCI  Foam  is  a  Polyurethane  based  open  celled foam structure used as a carrier for VCI molecules.  VCI  foam  is   used  where   cushioning  or  impact protection    is    required    to    the    parts    being protected.  The  foam  is  compressible  and  can  be compacted  and  fitted  into  tight  spaces  and  can also  be  placed  within  boxes  having  components with uneven geometry and takes the shape of the void.  This  can  also  be  used  to  protect  high  value automotive and aerospace components, electrical, electronic or mechanical equipment.  The foam has a high level of VCI emission owing to a  3-D  structure   and  infinite   sites   emitting  VCI molecules compared to VCI Paper or VCI Film

Application Method

  • Wrapping in VCI Foam
  • Placing parts on VCI Foam
  • Placing small foam pieces in the vicinity of the parts


  • Dry Protection
  • Highly effective compared to VCI Paper
  • Has higher VCI Content compared to VCI paper owing to a 3 Dimensional structure and high surface area per cubic meter of Foam
  • Easy to use as just needs to be placed close to the components to be protected