In order to provide our customers with the quality of services they expect, in line with RUST-X preservation values, the drilling units will be preserved and maintained in a cost effective & safe manner. Focus will be on proactive and modern techniques to continually ensure that the preservation system is optimized to maintain the equipment’s integrity during the whole process.

RUST-X preservation equipment preservation practices are subject to review and continuous improvement, they are carefully monitored and audited on a regular basis to demonstrate and enhance efficiency and are adjusted as required.

The primary objective in stacking a rig is to prevent excessive deterioration of the rig and its equipment, protecting the stakeholder’s investment in readiness for a return to service in the shortest and most economical time possible.

RUST-X preservation is the only company in preservation offering their own proprietory softwares for the inspection & manintenance of preservation records and condition monitoring of the equipment along with procedural information on reactivation.