Rust Preventive Additive

Rust Preventive Additive RPA 4700

Product Description

RPA 4700 is a water soluble rust preventive agent which can be added to water between 0.5%-10% concentration depending upon the usage for prevention of corrosion on metallic parts and period of life.This can be used as a leak testing additive, can be added to re-circulated cooling water, boilers, heat exchangers, cutting oil tanks and any other water systems to avoid corrosion caused by water. This can also be added to pipelines during layup and makes the water work as a rust preventive.The product can be be easily tested by adding 5% in water and keeping a metal part submerged in this water and comparing to another beaker with a similar metal part submerged but without RPA 4700. Within 2-3 hours the results can be seen and the metal part in water having 2-5% RPA 4700 concentration will never rust even for months compared to the one submerged in normal water.The product is suitable for tap water, distilled water, RO water and even works in saline water.

  • Easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Provides long term corrosion inhibition.
  • Free from Nitrites & phosphates