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Rust Preventives

VCI Grease 458

High drop point grease (450°F) with excellent anti-corrosive properties. Good water repulsion, spread-ability, penetration as well as adhesion to applied surfaces read more…

VCI Jelly 494

VCI Jelly is a highly viscous and superior corrosion preventive fluid which can be applied on surfaces with a brush or by dipping and provide lubrication read more…

VCI Clear Coating-657

Applied by brush or spray. The liquid forms a clear abrasion resistant cross linked film and protects surfaces for every long duration read more…

VCI Tectonic 506

Black removable coating to preserve parts in highly humid and saline conditions. Can be coated over rusted parts after converting rust by using neutracoat read more…



Engine Oil Additive E-1529 SC

Added to Engine Oils to increase alkalinity reserve as well as corrosion inhibiting properties of the engine lubricant. Protects from seizing and internal corrosion read more…

Fuel Oil Additive VCI 905/ VCI 906

When added to fuel oil, the fuel oil additive inhibits corrosion in the fuel tank as well as pipelines both in contact and vapour phase. This can be added at 0.1-0.15%  read more…

Hydraulic & Gear Oil Additive E-1532

This additive provides corrosion inhibting properties to the hydraulic fluids, circulating oils, lubricating fluids as well as gear oils and protects them from corrosion read more…

Rust Preventive Additive RPA 4700/5000FG

This a special additive which turns not just normal water nut also salt water into a rust preventive when added at 0.52% concentration. This also provides headspace corrosion protection read more…


Rust Preventative Packaging Products

Aluminum Barrier Foil-VCI Albar

This can be used to cover electrical & electronic equipment. The foil complies to MIL Spec 131 k and has very high read more…

VCI Shrink Films & Tuffpaulin Cobers

RUST-X VCI Shrink is highly UV, puncture and corrosion resisting shrink film which provides long term protection to packed equipment read more…

VCI Preservative Filled Bolt Caps

VCI filled bolt caps are plastic caps made of UV restistant plastic material and filled up with a preservative.When these are pressed on the bolt head read more…

VCI Masking Sticker

Used to cober machined surfaces, electical panels, controls, seal equipment. Easy to apply, easy to remove, does not leave adhesive residue read more…


VCI Emitter Products

VCI Emiiter Capsules 5 & 11

VCI Emitters are easily installable devices within the electrical and electronic cabinets and provide extended protection to the circuitry, hardware and equipment. Suitable for Copper, Aluminum, Steel, Silver, Solder, Tin etc read more…

Emmiter 5 N 11 2
VCI Foam 798

VCI Foam is a heavily impregnated VCI emitting device used for the preservation of electrical systems as well as electrical equipment like motors, drives, computers, screens, servers, etc where these can be placed in vicinity of the parts read more…

ZORB-IT + VCI Poles & Humidx + VCI Buckets

ZORB-IT + VCI is a gelling desiccant that has a very high dehumidifying capacity and absorbs large amounts of moisture through the semi-permeable Tyvek Membrane which is then entrapped inside read more…

VCI Fogging Powder 4201

The VCI Fogging Powder 4201 is available in special plug and play bucket which can be connected to blower for ease of fogging without having to handle or breathe the powder read more…